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W H A T   D O   T H E   W I N N E R S   D O   W I T H   T H E I R   C A B A R E T ?

H E R E ' S   A   S M A L L   T A S T E . . .

Madge Dietrich
Winner, November 2013


All it takes is a great singer and a piano. Madge takes on the Tori Amos classic, "Winter" in her winning cabaret, "The Gift of the MADGE-I"

Learn more about Madge Dietrich at

John Raymond Barker
Two Time Winner, Sept. 2012 / Dec. 2015


John sings "O Holy Night" as a part of our 2nd Cabaret Showdown Winners Showcase with some spontaneous backup from pianist Joshua Stephen Kartes.

Learn more about John Raymond Barker at

Alanna Shaffer Gwynne
Winner, June 2014


Alanna takes the audience by surprise with a serious moment in her otherwise hysterical winning cabaret, The Comprehensive and Ultimately Self-Defeating Guide to Muppets and Metalinguistics: The Musical. Here is her beautiful rendition of the ballad "Pretty Funny" from the musical Dogfight.

Leah Olsen
Winner, October 2015


Leah treats us to a taste of the jazzier side of her voice with a killer performance of "I Can Cook Too' from the classic Leonard Bernstein musical, On The Town.

Learn about Leah Olsen at

Marc Winski
Winner, June 2013


Marc is joined by his roommate and accompanist, James Patton to give the audience a lesson in the all important art of "Guy Love" from the television show Scrubs.

Rebecca (Bex) Odorisio

Winner, March 2015

Listen as Rebecca takes you through all the steps it takes to finish "A Crossword Puzzle" in this dazzling display of her patter prowess.

Learn more about Rebecca Odorisio at

Kelly Hoppenjans
Winner, March 2013


Kelly and our very own Assaf Gleizner, jam out on guitars (and melodica!) to Harvey Danger's 90's favorite, "Flagpole Sitta"

Learn more about Kelly Hoppenjans at

Marilyn Summers
Winner, August 2012


The incomparable Marilyn Summers, equal parts jazz chanteuse and sorceress, bewitches the audience at her aptly titled showcase, A Cabaret to Remember.

Learn more about Marilyn Summers at

Robert (Mintz) Higgins
Winner, January 2012


Robert shows us how they used to do it with and old fashioned 'tap-and-croon' performance of Frank Loesser's "Once in Love with Amy" from Where's Charley?

Check out Robert's other performance videos on YouTube.

Laura Kaye Chamberlain
Winner, October 2012


Our youngest winner, Laura belts out the old Fanny Bryce classic, My Man" at our second All-Star winners showcase at Under St. Marks Theatre.

Learn about Laura at

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