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Cabaret Showdown as Time Out New York Critic's Pick
December 13th, 2016


"Whether you have your sights set on Broadway, or you really
get into watching American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor or Rising Star, the Cabaret Showdown is a great way to experience
a live music competition with up-and-coming local talent in a nurturing environment. So grab a ticket to the next show
and join the audience—or better yet, drop your name in the bucket and take the stage!


Opplaud Theatre Reviews
Sold Out Crowd at Under St Marks Theatre
Live Karaoke Competition Plays for High Stakes and Excessive Fun!


February 1, 2015

"Are you looking for a way to spend a Sunday evening that is guaranteed to entertain you and not break the bank? The Cabaret Showdown is your ticket. Part live karaoke, part Jeopardy, and all musical fun, the Showdown attracts singers from all-over the Tri-State area who are ready and eager to pit their musical and improv chops against colleagues for the prize
of a venue for their own show..." - by Karen Elliott

Critic's Pick




February 3rd, 2014


"Know how your pals always seem to sign you up to sing karaoke songs you only vaguely know? (Yes, “American Pie” does have that many verses.) So does The Cabaret Showdown, dropping contestants into mystery songs that fit the month’s theme..."


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Cabaret Showdown as Time Out New York Critic's Pick
Inside New York reviews The Cabaret Showdown - The Hoedown Showdown
Cabaret at Under St. Marks: The Ultimate Showdown Hoedown

Inside New York
November 13th, 2012


"Looking for an adventure worthy of one of my more musically inclined friend’s birthdays, I dragged a small crew to Under St. Mark’s for the October 14th “Cabaret Showdown.” The monthly contest, featuring a game that can only be described as a mix of American Idol and Jeopardy, has a different theme each time.  Fittingly, as 2/3 of our party was from the south,
October’s flavor was country–thus the aptly named
“Hoedown Showdown." - by Luna Adler

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